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We believe that our work has significant impact in the communities we work in. Our services are designed and executed to have the following impact:

  • Dramatically improve availability and quality of healthcare services. Patients who currently have to travel more than 50 kilometers to reach a formal healthcare facility will have these services at their doorsteps.
  • Integrated health facilities: Consultation, diagnostic tests and medicines will be available at one place.
  • Faster detection and treatment of diseases rather than months of informal treatment.
  • Patients can be directed to appropriate facilities in nearby cities and towns. Due to poor literacy, lack of information and improper guidance, patients often end-up
  • Ability to maintain patient history, thus enabling better diagnosis, treatment and follow-up.
  • Affordable primary healthcare services. Dramatically lowers financial burden of healthcare.
  • Amount spent on travelling to health facilities reduced.
Community level
  • Faster diagnosis of major primary communicable diseases – thus preventing transmission.
  • Reduction in irrational treatments practices.