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Karma Healthcare sets up rural health clinics in villages that have poor health facilities.  A Karma Clinic caters to a population of about 20,000 to 25,000.

Each Karma Clinic has an android-based tablet (with an in-built webcam and mobile based Internet Connection), wireless printer, external speaker and other clinical equipment.

A community health worker (CHW), who is a nursing staff is employed at this clinic.  When a patient walks in to a clinic, the CHW asks patient about his/her symptoms, records vital parameters and facilitates a video consultation between the patient and a physician.

The physician examines the patient, gives consultation and writes a prescription. The prescription is then digitally signed and emailed to the clinic. The CHW at the rural health center prints the prescription, dispenses and explains the dosage to patient. Medicines are provided free-of-cost (only at the prescription of the physician).

When the doctor prescribes diagnostic tests, test sample is collected by the CHW at Karma Clinic itself. The sample is then transported to a central site for analysis.  Once analyzed, diagnostic test reports are emailed back to the physician and Karma Clinic.

When the patient requires more detailed medical examination or admission, patients are guided to appropriate tertiary care/ specialist facilities in nearby cities and towns.