Welcome To Karma Healthcare

Primary Healthcare care is not heroic, but in an Indian rural setting where people travel greater than 50 km even to seek basic healthcare, it’s the need of the hour. The opportunity to seek quality healthcare is a fundamental necessity that every individual should have access to, irrespective of the circumstances in which they are born. To achieve this dream, Karma Healthcare was started in 2014 with the vision to see a world where every individual has an opportunity and means to access equitable and affordable healthcare. Karma Healthcare aims to provide medical services to the under-served communities in India, thereby improving health outcomes by early detection and evidence-based treatment.

Karma is an innovative health-tech enterprise that provides affordable, accessible and quality primary healthcare in rural and semi-urban India using a judicious mix of technology and on-ground interventions to improve health outcomes. Karma operates ‘e-Doctor’ clinics to provide nurse-assisted online medical consultations by qualified doctors, diagnostic services and referral services to secondary and tertiary care facilities, through a financially sustainable model. Karma’s assisted tele-medicine services rely on its proprietary technology platform that incorporates Machine learning and Artificial intelligence features to enhance the quality of treatment provided. Having started its first telemedicine clinic near Udaipur, which is also the head-quarter of Karma’s corporate office; the organization now operates 17 clinics across rural areas in Haryana and Rajasthan and hopes to establish a pan India presence by 2025.



Online Primary and Secondary healthcare consultations

P&SHD delivers primitive, preventive as well as curative health care services.


First-aid Services

First Aid Services has evolved to create a competent and confident First Aider using modern techniques. .


Diagnostic Services

We facilitate the provision of timely, cost-effective, and high-quality diagnostic care in safe and secure environments.


Quality Medicines

The quality of medicines is one of the major concerns of health care providers and patients


Monitoring and Follow-up

Special care is taken to monitor and track post treatment outcomes.


Assistance In Accessing Tertiary Care

Tertiary referral health care is more specialized medical care for patients who are usually referred from secondary