e-Doctor Clinic

Since starting its operations in 2014, karma has been continually evolving and enhancing its services based on the requirements and feedback of the communities that it serves. After multiple iterations, Karma has developed a unique offering that leverages the sweet spot at the intersection of on-ground interventions and Technology. The assisted telemedicine approach of Karma Healthcare combines critical human touch (via nurse) with digital connectivity (via online doctor consultation). The physical presence of a nurse gives control of basic quality parameters to Karma. Karma partners with doctors and hospitals in nearby cities to provide medical consultation services. Thus, the model adopts a variable cost model at the supply side.

Operating Model

Each Karma healthcare operated e-Doctor clinic is equipped with a laptop, television, web camera, mobile internet connection, wireless printer, external speakers and other clinical equipment. A patient entering a Karma Healthcare clinic is met by a certified and trained nurse. The nurse converses with the patient in the local dialect about their symptoms, and creates a record of vital signs and other required parameters diagnosed through point of contact medical devices. Patient’s health records and clinical symptoms are electronically captured, stored and retrieved. The nurse then facilitates a face-to-face consultation through video conference in real time with a physician at Karma’s hub. The physician consults with the patient and creates a prescription electronically on Karma’s platform, which is digitally signed and printed at the clinic. If the patient requires diagnostic tests, a sample collection facility for selected diagnosis is provided at the clinic. To deliver a complete experience, affordable medicines are provided to patients through Karma’s owned or partner pharmacy co-located with the clinic. A fee is charged from the patient consulting at clinics for doctor consultation, diagnostics and medicine’s cost.

State of the art tech Platform

The linchpin of the entire operating model is Karma’s in-house technology platform which includes features such as Automated Doctor Selection, Smart triaging system, and Queue management systems leading to better patient satisfaction and clinic outcomes. The platform includes web-based application and mobile app. This platform, coupled with nurse-assisted model enables better clinical outcomes in remote rural areas. With patient information, disease history and complaints entered digitally, the Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS) ensures that proper and standardized care is provided to patients. Clinical Decision Support System is built with AI / rule-based models that lead to better health outcomes.

Clinic Formats

Karma offers its services through various models of which its fully owned ‘e-Doctor’ clinic format is the primary offering. An advanced version of this fully owned clinic, a super spoke that offers a wider range of diagnostics and more advanced medical services, will soon be operational in semi urban areas. Recently, Karma has also partnered with a leading NGO to provide its service in the existing public healthcare facilities such as the PHCs and the Sub-Centres. A pilot of this model is running successfully in several government run facilities in Kota district; this public private partnership format has a vast potential to scale up and increase the availability of qualified doctors in rural regions. In addition, Karma also offers its services to other establishments and individuals in a ‘Tele-medicine as a service’ format. Through this format Karma provides only its proprietary tech platform and charges on a per patient basis.