Success Stories

Shanti Bai is a 55 year old female hailing from Jhadol village in Udaipur district in Rajasthan. Shanti Bai visited e-Doctor Clinic for her skin problems. She experienced itching all over her body and developed some spots on her hands and legs. The bigger concern was that people around her didn’t want to touch her and stayed away from her. She has been facing a skin problem since the last 25 years and recently it had aggravated.

She had shown at multiple places but didn’t find sustained relief to her problems. It is after consulting the doctor at e-Doctor clinic that her pruritus found relief. She is undergoing an ongoing treatment for her problem which has resulted in complete turn-around of her earlier situation. The itching has stopped and her grandchildren no longer mind playing around her. She thanks the doctor and the staff at the clinic particularly calling out that she has been spending lesser for the medicines purchased at e-Doctor clinic in comparison with all other places she has visited earlier. Also she has to spend only a few hours for the entire treatment versus the days spent earlier for the commutation to the doctor in the city.

" मैंने खेराद, हिम्मतनगर, उदयपुर, अहमदाबाद, सलुम्बर और कई जगह से सलाह ली लेकिन ई-डॉक्टर क्लिनिक पर जाकर ही बीमारी का सही ईलाज हुआ | सबसे सुन्दर आपकी दवाई की मात्रा है, जो जरुरत होती है उसी हिसाब से प्रदान की जाती है| ई-डक्टर मेरे लिए भगवान है| "

Navlaram is a 65 years old male and lives with his children and grandchildren in Bedas, a small village in the Udaipur District in Rajasthan. He is an asthma patient who started observing hints of blood while coughing. He lost his appetite, started losing weight, and became very weak. So much so that he could not go to his field regularly.

Combination of ignorance, fear and lack of proper facilities made him delay the treatment until last year. Following the advice of neighbors, he then visited the government hospital in Salumbar about 25 km away from his village;a private hospital in Sangwada about 60 km away and also to a local quack. The correct diagnosis wasn’t made at any of these places and the medicines suggested gave him no relief. He then visited Udaipur the nearest big city with advanced medical care facilities. He went to Udaipur twice but due to his weakness, traveling to a large distance was becoming difficult for him.

In April 2015, Navlaram learnt about e-Doctor clinic located in Karawali, just 8 kms away from his residence. Here, he consulted an M.B;B.S. doctor for his complaints. e-Doctor Clinic’s nurse explained to him the method of taking medicines, whether the medicines have any side effects, and how to tackle them. Navlaram also understood the importance of not missing doses and completing the full course of medicines.

Navlaram has made a family healthcard with e-Doctor clinic and has made 15 visits to e-Doctor clinic so far to show either himself or someone or the other in his family. He is very satisfied with the treatment provided and highly values the time saved in visiting a doctor in the city. He now rests in peace knowing that there exists a reliable healthcare facility in the vicinity and recommends the same to others.

" ई-डॉक्टर पे इलाज के बाद मुझे आराम हुआ| मैं चलने-फिरने लगा और मेरे कफ में खून आता था वो भी बंद हो गया| मैं अब हर प्रकार की बीमारी का इलाज यहीं से लेता हूँ| "